Piano Meditations Podcast

Welcome to Piano Meditations Podcast. Each week I will be hosting a listening session, exploring the keyboard in whatever way feels right that evening. It may be meditative, or meandering, or energetic, even chaotic, but most important, not just safe and predictable.

Episode 117, 6-17-20

June 17th, 2020

Thank you for the amazing tuning, Victor LaGamma! It's funny, the last couple of weeks I felt I hadn't been really listening deeply as I played, and sure enough, with everything in such alignment tonight, it felt like the notes were just lining up in the order they should be played, and all I had to do was drop them in their spots. I leaned into more of a jazz feel at the beginning, then did a little contrapuntal ditty, then a drone/melody thing, and finished with a dainty waltz. Enjoy.