Piano Meditations Podcast

Welcome to Piano Meditations Podcast. Each week I will be hosting a listening session, exploring the keyboard in whatever way feels right that evening. It may be meditative, or meandering, or energetic, even chaotic, but most important, not just safe and predictable.

Episode 24, 2-13-18

February 13th, 2018

Tonight's music was geared towards Valentine's Day; just went with a few themes and put an intention on the most wonderful feeling; Love! Interesting to try and not fall immediately into "sappy", but then again, why not? Hmm, it's easier to play music about it than write about it, at least for me. Enjoy!

Some quotes or songs; Cinema Paradiso, As Long As He Needs Me, Bewitched, My Funny Valentine, Thomas Pond (quoting my own piece I wrote for Sharon when we first met).