Piano Meditations Podcast

Welcome to Piano Meditations Podcast by Blake Rowe. For the past three years (with occasional breaks), Wednesday nights have been devoted to creating freely improvised music for about 45 minutes. Known melodies may come to mind and may be explored, but the pieces are primarily “spontaneously composed”. The music tends to follow an arc from introspective to energetic and back again. There are currently 131 unique episodes. New episodes will either be new music or will be clearly labeled as a repost.

Episode 97, 1-22-20

January 22nd, 2020

Ok it's starting to feel a little tough to keep a fresh approach. After almost 100 episodes, it's safe to say I've got some sounds and pathways that I go to again and again. Tonight began with the sense that I was mimicking myself. I wasn't feeling like the music had any sense of direction or coherence. However, eventually an energy came into the piece and I was able to get into the groove.  Once there, it was a fun night as usual, and I feel satisfied with the overall episode. I wonder how long this project will continue!

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